Don Holtz-Realtor & Talbot Excavating Champ/Non-Champ Apr 11, 2015

The thirtieth annual tournament of non-champions/champions was held at All Star Lanes on April 11th. This was the last regular tournament of our forty-second season. It was sponsored by DON HOLTZ, REALTOR and TALBOT EXCAVATING. A total of sixty-one bowlers turned out to try and earn a title and have the right to bowl for the King of the Hill.

In the non-champions event Tom Anderson was the leader after the qualifying round. He shot games of 259-217-205-220-258 for 1159. Low to qualify and cash was 1014.

Tom remained in the lead after the three games of semi-finals by shooting games of 227-224 and 233, winning all of them. These scores added to his qualifying gave him a total of 1906. Behind him was Leo Funari 1798 (60), Ryan Showalter 1798 (30), Scott Schimming 1773 (30), and in fifth, Tanner Clemens 1770 (60).

In the first match of the TV finals Scott defeated Tanner 236-200. Ryan then beat Scott 269-234. Leo took care of Ryan 217-168 but ran out of steam in the final match as Tom earned his first title 236-133 over Leo. Great bowling Tom.

At the same time the non-champions were bowling the champions were bowling their own event. Mike VanWinkle was the leader after the qualifying round. He shot games of 236-227-224-235-246 for 1168. Low to qualify and cash was 1106.

Mike remained in the lead after the three games of semi-finals. He had games of 267-235-228 winning all of them. This gave him a total of 2020. Behind him were Mike Hansen 1935 (60), Nick Bachteler 1890 (60), Lonnie Sharkey 1858 (30), and in fifth, Jeremy Sears 1828 (60).

In the first match of the TV finals Jeremy edged Lonnie 243-230. He then beat Nick in another close one 269-255. Mike H. then defeated Jeremy 202-163 to set up the battle of the Mike’s in the final match. When it was over Mike Hansen earned his seventeenth KSBO title beating Mike VanWinkle 226-217. Mike is now tied with Gary Heilman for third place behind Lonnie Sharkey and Steve Force with the most KSBO wins. Congratulations Mike.

The tournament was not over though. We had one more match to determine who the King of the Hill would be. The two winners bowled each other for a beautiful eagle donated by Evergreen Trophy. Tom became the twelfth non-champion to win the King of the Hill as he shot 214 to Mike’s 205.

The high game out of the money for the non-champions was a 259 by Jimmie Dillingham. Tim Clemens shot a 269 which was the high game out of the money for the champions. They each receive $75 towards their entry into the final tournament.

The KSBO would like to thank Don Holtz and Kyler Talbot from Talbot Excavating for sponsoring this tournament. This was the twenty-first time that Don Holtz has sponsored an event with us and the second time for Talbot Excavating. We really appreciate their support and look forward to having them back again next season.

I would like to thank the board of directors for running a great tournament while I was gone. I would also like to thank Lauren Carson, Nicole Hansen, and Jo Genovese for helping out as well. Although it was a short visit I enjoyed the time with my new grandson Caden and granddaughter Alayna as well as visiting with Derek and Breanne.

Only one tournament remains in our forty-second season. The JAMES & ASSOCIATES OPEN and PENINSULA BOTTLING 205 and under grand finals will be April 25th at Laurel Lanes. To be eligible for this tournament you have to have paid into at least six (open) or five (under) tournaments during the season. Four of them must have been a singles with bowling once in each house.

This tournament costs more than the regular singles do. The cost is $85 for the open division and $70 for the under division. You will bowl six games of qualifying and four games of semi-finals. There are twenty-nine bowlers eligible in the open division and twenty-three in the under division.

One of the biggest changes to this tournament is our starting time. Because of the extra games we will be starting earlier than normal for a Laurel tournament. Check in will start at 8:30 with qualifying to begin at 10 AM.

Per our rules we will be cutting to the top sixteen in the open division and top eight in the under division. There is over $3500 in added money in the open division and over $1400 in the under division. So if you are eligible this is the tournament you don’t want to miss.

The following bowlers are eligible for the final tournament:

OPEN – Bachteler, Barfield, Barone, Bayne, Clemens, Council, Cox, Debolt, Dillingham, Ellis, Funari, Heilman, Jamrog, Ludwig, Lynch, McMaster, Meeds, Moen, Monahan, Ramey, Richards, Schimming, Sears, Sharkey, Showalter, Soto, Townsend, VanWinkle

UNDER – Allen, Carson, Cox, Cutler, C/L Dodd, Elkhart, Ellis, Eoff, Fitz, Green, Greenwalt, Helmonds, Kashuba, Layton, Ludwig, O’Toole, Scott, Sutton, VanWert, VanWinkle, Wilkey, Worth



1. Tom Anderson 1159, 2. Ryan Showalter 1145, 3. Leo Funari 1093, 4. Scott Schimming 1074, 5. Paul Andrews 1069,

6. Ryan Jamrog 1050, 7. Cody Moen 1045, 8. Tanner Clemens 1038, 9. Tanner Triggs 1031, 10. Ron Nichols 1023,

11. Jeff Helmonds 1019, 12. Darrell Scott 1014


1. Tom Anderson 1906 (90), 2. Leo Funari 1798 (60), 3. Ryan Showalter 1798 (30), 4. Scott Schimming 1773 (30),

5. Tanner Clemens 1770 (60), 6. Cody Moen 1733 (60), 7. Tanner Triggs 1732 (60), 8. Darrell Scott 1703 (30),

9. Paul Andrews 1688 (30), 10. Jeff Helmonds 1665 (60), 11. Ryan Jamrog 1642 (0), 12. Ron Nichols 1636 (30)


Match 1 – Scott def. Tanner 236-200

Match 2 – Ryan def. Scott 269-234

Match 3 – Leo def. Ryan 217-168

Match 4 – Tom def. Leo 236-133


1. Tom Anderson $420, 2. Leo Funari $320, 3. Ryan Showalter $245, 4. Scott Schimming $200,

5. Tanner Clemens $155 (scholarship), 6. Cody Moen $120, 7. Tanner Triggs $115 (scholarship),

8. Darrell Scott $110, 9. Paul Andrews $105, 10. Jeff Helmonds $100, 11. Ryan Jamrog $95, 12. Ron Nichols $90



1. Mike VanWinkle 1168, 2. Lonnie Sharkey 1162, 3. Mike Hansen 1147, 4. Daniel Hanson 1145,

5. Jim Monahan 1126, 6. Tom Jamrog 1123, 7. Jeremy Sears 1114, 8. Nick Bachteler 1106


1. Mike VanWinkle 2020 (90), 2. Mike Hansen 1935 (60), 3. Nick Bachteler 1890 (60), 4. Lonnie Sharkey 1858 (30),

5. Jeremy Sears 1828 (60), 6. Jim Monahan 1796 (60), 7. Daniel Hanson 1778 (0), 8. Tom Jamrog 1754 (30)


Match 1 – Jeremy def. Lonnie 243-230

Match 2 – Jeremy def. Nick 269-255

Match 3 – Mike H. def. Jeremy 202-163

Match 4 – Mike H. def. Mike V. 226-217


1. Mike Hansen $400, 2. Mike VanWinkle $300, 3. Jeremy Sears $230, 4. Nick Bachteler $185,

5. Lonnie Sharkey $140, 6. Jim Monahan $105, 7. Daniel Hanson $100 (scholarship), 8. Tom Jamrog $90

KING OF THE HILL: Tom def. Mike 214-205


OPEN: 1. Lonnie Sharkey $60, 2. Tom Anderson $40, 3. Jim Monahan $20, 4. Dane Terpone $10

UNDER: 1. Chuck Ludwig $50, 2. Kirk Gruber $20, 3. Craig Wilkey $10

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