Results A&C Tavern Open / George Shafer Memorial October 17, 2015

Forty-six bowlers showed up at All Star Lanes on October 17th for the A & C TAVERN OPEN and the GEORGE SHAFER MEMORIAL 205 and under sponsored by ALL STAR LANES CASINO. This is the tournament we have to honor George Shafer who was a big part of All Star Lanes and the KSBO for many years and unfortunately has been gone for thirteen years now.

After the qualifying round Clay Townsend was the leader in the open division. He had games of 212-201-162-194-215 for 984. Low to qualify and cash was a 938. Nick Bachteler and Mike Hansen tied for the last spot which required a 9th-10th frame roll off. Nick won that and was able to advance to the semi-finals.

After the three games of semi-final, Danny Combs moved into the lead. He shot games of 212-205-168 winning two of them. These scores added to his 982 qualifying round gave him a total of 1627. However, he was tied with Nick Bachteler who also had a total of 1627 (90). Danny won the 9th-10th frame roll off to give him the higher seed for the TV finals. This is the first time we have had two roll offs in the same tournament involving the same person. Behind Danny and Nick was Tim Clemens 1595 (30), Kristy Whitcher 1592 (60), and in fifth, Lisa Barfield 1548 (30).

The first match of the TV finals Lisa defeated Kristy 202-155. Tim then beat Lisa 170-145 only to lose to Nick 178-202. The final match belonged to Danny though as he earned his fifth KSBO title downing Nick 193-168. Congratulations Danny!

In the under division Sara Tingley was the leader after the qualifying round. She had games of 179-217-202-173-149 for 920. Low to qualify and cash was 827.

Larry Dodd moved into the lead after the semi-finals. He shot games of 155-206-203 winning two of them. These scores added to his 898 qualifying gave him a total of 1522. Behind him was Craig Wilkey 1465 (60), TJ Karch 1441 (30), Sara Tingley 1411 (30), and in fifth, Bruce VanWert 1399 (60).

In the first match of the TV finals Sara defeated Bruce 166-159. She then beat TJ 212-158. Craig beat Sara in the next match 192-180. He then went on to earn his first ever under title by defeating Larry 184-170. Congratulations Craig!

The high game out of the money in the open division was a 256 by David Johnson. Since he was one of the bowlers from out of our area he received a check for $75. The high game out of the money in the under division was a 231 by Tom Schroeder. He receives a free entry into his next singles tournament.

The KSBO would like to thank Rick Peachui from A & C Tavern for sponsoring this tournament. We would also like to thank Laurie Myers from All Star Casino for again letting us honor George for the thirteenth year. We look forward to having them back again next season.

The KSBO would also like to thank Axis Pro Shop for their donation of the bowling ball that we raffled off. Don Allen was the big winner.

The next KSBO is our first specialty tournament of the season. The QUAD SWISS is only one day this year. It will be Sunday November 1 at Hi-Joy Bowl and is sponsored by HI-JOY BOWL/ARTISAN TILE & MOSAIC. The cap is 832 for this tournament. I don’t even have ten teams yet but I know that there are many of you who have a team that haven’t let me know yet. We will be accepting entries on the tournament day but if you have a team please let me know who you are. You can call me at 373-3771 or email me at moc.elbacevaw|ffoea#moc.elbacevaw|ffoea. If you are looking for a bowler or want to bowl let me know. This tournament you may also have one bowler that is not eligible for the KSBO as long as they are a USBC member in good standing.

The cost is $80 for members and $90 for guests. You bowl eight games head to head bowling. Check in will start at 7:30. Practice 8:45. We will start at 9 AM. In case you are not aware of it Daylight savings time ends Saturday night. You will need to fall back one hour so you are not late.

This tournament generates a lot of side action as well as the main bowling. We have senior and under sweepers for a one time entry of $10. We also have a high series pot for a one time entry of $20. Of course we don’t want to forget all of the brackets. We will also have another ball to raffle off.

As you can see there are quite a few ways to make money. But most of all it is a great tournament and a lot of fun to bowl. So I will see you all at HI-JOY BOWL ON NOVEMBER 1ST!!




1. Clay Townsend 984, 2. Danny Combs 982, 3. Lisa Barfield 973, 4. Kristy Whitcher 971,

5. Steve Soto 961, 6. Tim Clemens 950, 7. Doc Patterson 948, 8. Nick Bachteler 938


1. Danny Combs 1627 (60), 2. Nick Bachteler 1627 (90), 3. Tim Clemens 1595 (30),

4. Kristy Whitcher 1592 (60), 5. Lisa Barfield 1548 (60), 6. Doc Patterson 1527 (30),

7. Clay Townsend 1486 (30), 8. Steve Soto 1482 (0)


Match 1 – Lisa def. Kristy 202-155

Match 2 – Tim def. Lisa 170-145

Match 3 – Nick def. Tim 202-178

Match 4 – Danny def. Nick 193-168


1. Danny Combs $390, 2. Nick Bachteler $290, 3. Tim Clemens $220, 4. Lisa Barfield $175,

5. Kristy Whitcher $130, 6. Doc Patterson $100, 7. Clay Townsend $95, 8. Steve Soto $85




1. Sara Tingley 920, 2. Larry Dodd 898, 3. Craig Wilkey 881, 4. TJ Karch 877, 5. Don Allen 866,

6. Jessica Sutton 857, 7. Bruce VanWert 828, 8. Paul Andrews 827


1. Larry Dodd 1522 (60), 2. Craig Wilkey 1465 (60), 3. TJ Karch 1441 (30), 4. Sara Tingley 1411 (30),

5. Bruce VanWert 1399 (60), 6. Jessica Sutton 1393 (60), 7. Don Allen 1354 (30), 8. Paul Andrews 1294 (30)


Match 1 – Sara def. Bruce 166-159

Match 2 – Sara def. TJ 212-158

Match 3 – Craig def. 192-180

Match 4 – Craig def. 184-170


1. Craig Wilkey $190, 2. Larry Dodd $160, 3. Sara Tingley $135, 4. TJ Karch $120, 5. Bruce VanWert $110,

6. Jessica Sutton $90, 7. Don Allen $75, 8. Paul Andrews $70


OPEN – 1. Danny Combs $45, 2. Kristy Whitcher $30, 3. Tim Clemens $15

UNDER – 1. Doc Patterson $35, 2. Larry Dodd $15, 3. Craig Wilkey $10

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